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  • Wiki Guidelines

    Who Can Edit the Wiki?

    Only Moderators, Admins and Wiki Editors can edit or create content on the wiki. This is to ensure that the information here is valid and accurate to the best of our abilities.

    How Do I Become A Wiki Editor?
    • You must have good grammar and knowledge of the English language. Any content that is not written in proper English will be deleted.
    • You must be prepared to write content for the wiki on request, as well as doing it off your own back.
    • You must follow the guidelines below right down to the exact details
    • A good knowledge of how to use our BBCode editor (use the buttons at the top of the posting box to style your content) is advised
    • We must also know who you are - if you've been on the server 2 days, you aren't going to be given Wiki Editor!
    If you have these properties, then you need to do the following:
    1. Write a page of content for the wiki. This *can* be anything, but we advise that you write about a town or monument that is not yet documented in the wiki. The page should follow our guidelines below exactly - if you don't follow them, it won't be accepted.
    2. This should be posted in the 'Wiki Editor Application' section of the forum that can be found as a sub-forum of 'Suggestions/Thoughts'
    3. You should also briefly explain why you wish to be a Wiki Editor and what skills you may have which could help you.
    Editing and Creating Content for the Wiki

    When editing and creating content for the wiki you need to keep in mind some basic layout rules. If we do not stick to guidelines then there will be no integrity between the pages and it will look a mess.​

    There are two ways to write content for the wiki: BBCode and HTML/CSS. Unless you already know HTML/CSS and are VERY competent at it you should always use BBCode. It is simpler to use and easier for other people to edit. There is no need for most pages to use HTML - you can accomplish everything with BBCode.​

    The advantage of BBCode is that you do not need to type any 'code' at all - our forums have a WYSIWYG editor. This is a basic text editor in your browser - it is very similar to Microsoft Word. You literally just click the buttons to format your text, rather than having to type anything. If you need to you *can* manually type BBCode in. You can also view it in 'basic' mode by clicking the aA button in the top right of the editor. Do not use this unless you are good at BBCode though.​

    Some pages are locked. These are key ones such as the Wiki Index, Rules and Texture Packs page that should not be edited by anyone except admins. If you think these need editing, let an admin know.​

    Creating brand new pages is fine, but do not create anything 'major' without consulting a Moderator or Admin first. E.g. you should not add a new page about a plugin on our server ever, however you could add one about a client-side mod if you consulted someone first to check it is suitable. For pages about cities and landmarks you do not need to consult anyone first​

    Essential Guide for BBCode Pages
    • Titles should be size 6.
    • Subtitles should be size 4.
    • Every page should have a centered title.
    • Titles and subtitles should use proper title capitalisation.
    • If you are writing in paragraphs you should be using size 3.
    • Titles and subtitles should not be underlined and should be black.
    • Images may be a max of 720x720px. Try to keep them smaller. Think about how it would look on a small netbook with a 10" screen.
    • Images must use the official MinecraftCC texture packs
    • Images should be uploaded using the 'attachments' system when you edit the page
    • All lists should use proper BBCode numbered or bulleted lists.
    • Do not leave too much whitespace. Two spaces is more than enough distance between paragraphs and sections.
    Guides for BBCode World Pages
    • All essential BBCode guides apply
    • World image should be 720 x 280px. Try making your Minecraft window wider when you take the image
    • There should be a 2px black border on the picture
    • The image should be uploaded using the 'attachments' system when you edit the page
    • The image itself should be centered
    • Required sections: Key Info, Transport Networks, About. Other sections can be added if needed
    Guides for BBCode City/Warp/Structure Pages
    • Follow the template below precisely. If you do not use this, you will be asked to change it or the content will be deleted. You may do whatever you like in the About section.
    • Image must be a max of 720 x 500px
    • Image must have a 2px black border
    • The image should be uploaded using the 'attachments' system when you edit the page
    • Location, Transport Links and Nearby Places can be left unknown if required/wanted
    To use the code below simply paste it into the editor for the page, save it, then edit it again to see it in a visual form. Or if you are competent at BBCode simply edit the values directly.
    [CENTER][COLOR=#000000][B][SIZE=6]City Name[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][I][FONT=book antiqua][SIZE=4]~A short motto goes here~[/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/CENTER]

    [CENTER][image attachment goes here][/CENTER]

    [*][SIZE=4][B]World:[/B] [/SIZE]Build
    [*][SIZE=4][B]Location[/B]: [/SIZE]Unknown
    [*][SIZE=4][B]Creator(s):[/B] [/SIZE]WakiMikoArck, Spartacus191
    [*][SIZE=4][B]Transport Links:[/B] [/SIZE]Unknown
    [*][SIZE=4][B]Related/Nearby Places: [/B][/SIZE]Unknown

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