Lost Land

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  • Lost Land

    ~Fun, Fun, Fun!~

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    • World: Creative
    • Location: +1937, -1070
    • Creator(s): AlostmoneyG, Inuuchiha, PD400, charliehorse55
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    Come one, come all, to the fabulous Lost Land Amusement Park! Gaze in awe at the ferocious might of the lightning fast Cheetah Rollercoaster! Fumble in the dark and try to find your way out of the terrifying Clown mirror maze! Take a spin on a Ferris Wheel! And for the younger set, we even have kiddy rides! Don't forget the "Guest Zoo" where we trap hapless guests and treat them like animals! It's complete with food and water dispensers, punishment administrators, and a Cage Cleaner, all patented by PD400 and charliehorse55!