Creative Plots

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  • Creative Plots
    A How-To Guide for Players


    There is a new world called BoxLand which is made up of plots that can be claimed by any player. Players will have access to creative mode while in this world, and can claim up to 4 plots each. Plots owned by the same player can be merged together to make one larger plot. You can collaborate with friends. You can even mark a plot as complete and let other players give it a rating and leave comments on it.
    Claiming Commands

    /plot claim
    Claims a plot, setting you as the owner and marking it as claimed. You must be in a plot that has not been claimed yet, and have claimed less than 4 plots.​

    /plot auto
    Claims an available plot for you as close to 0;0 (note: not spawn) as possible. Can be called from any world. Will teleport you to the claimed plot.​

    /plot delete
    Removes your claim on a plot and marks it as available for other players to claim. Also resets the plot to its original state.
    Teleport Commands

    /plot visit [player] [plot #]
    Takes you to the plot of the specified player (or your own plot if not specified). If you specify a plot number, it will take you to that plot number for the target player. So if you have 3 plots, you could call /plot visit 1, /plot visit 2, or /plot visit 3 to go to your own plots.
    (You may substitute v, tp, teleport, goto, home,h for 'visit' above)
    /plot kick <player>
    Kicks the player from your plot

    /plot add <player>
    Allow that player to build in your plot while you are online. This adds them to the plot you are in ONLY. If you have more than 1 plot the others will remain locked unless also added there. (You can mix and match, adding players to one or more plots, and trusting them in one or more others)​

    /plot trust <player>
    Allow that player to build in your plot even when you are offline. This trusts them in the plot you are in ONLY. If you have more than 1 plot the others will remain locked unless also trusted there. (You can mix and match, adding players to one or more plots, and trusting them in one or more others)
    /plot deny <player>
    Deny (ban) that player from your plot. They will lose any access they had been granted and be prevented from entering the plot. NOTE: this has no effect on the privileges they may have been granted on any other plots you may own.
    /plot remove <player>
    Removes the player's settings on the current plot, including deny/ban, trust, add.
    /plot merge <all,n,s,e,w> [remove roads]
    This will merge the plot you are in with other plots. If you specify a direction, it will merge the current plot with the next plot in that direction (assuming you own both). If there are multiple plots owned by you in that direction, it will merge with all of them. If you specify all, it will merge all of your owned plots if possible.
    Roads between merged plots are removed by default, and filled in with grass. You can specify "false" to leave the roads in place. The road will become part of the merged plot and can be built on or modified as normal.
    /plot unlink
    unlinks the plot you are in (assuming you own the plot) from any other plots it is merged with.
    /plot desc <Description>
    Sets a description for the plot. This will show up in the info listed for the plot.
    /plot alias set <alias>
    Sets an alias for the plot. This alias will show up in plot lists, and can be used to TP to the plot (/plot tp <alias>).
    Schematic Commands

    /plot save
    Saves the plot you are in. Saved internally, used in load (below).
    /plot load
    Loads a previously saved plot into the plot you are in. You must own the plot. If you have saved multiple plots they will be listed and you can then select which one you want to load.
    /plot download
    Saves the current plot and gives you a link you can use to download a schematic file of that plot.
    Info Commands

    /plot confirm
    Used to confirm some actions. You will be prompted when this is needed.
    /plot info
    Displays information about the current plot.
    /plot list [option]
    Lists plots based on the option entered:
    mine - lists only plots you own
    shared - lists plots for which you have been added or trusted
    all - lists all plots on the server
    <player> - lists all plots for a player​