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  • Commands

    We have a wide range of plugins on our server. Below we have outlined most of the commands available to you. For more detailed commands and information on certain plugins such as LWC and Clans, please visit Mods and Addons.

    Commands are bolded, required parameters are in <angle brackets>, and optional parameters are in [square brackets].

    • /rules - most important command you will ever use (displays the general server rules)
    • /ranks - show our various donation and staff ranks
    • /whowas - see that who you don't know, can be someone you do know with a name change.
    • /ti create <problem> - submit a support ticket to be reviewed by admins/mods
    • /ti - list of commands and help for the tickets
    • /who [world] - lists players online or in the world specified (Aliases: /list)
    • /ignore <name> - used to ignore and unignore a player
    VIP(+) & Sponsor
    • /color_<rank> - change your in-game name to a lower rank!
    • /hat - places block in hand on you head (VIP+ and above)