What personal project have you abandoned?


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I'm sure many of us have been at a point where something you started working on, wasn't of interest anymore and was either scrapped or abandoned half finished.

For example, I was making an oreo looking cookie crumble house in the last build map with diorite and other oreo looking blocks, and I thought about how much I really didn't like cookies and slowly lost interest in completing it. It stood half finished in my area until the current map replaced the old one.

Share your stories!


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The only time I've abandoned a project is when it's been proven not to be possible.
Other than that, I've finished everything of any note that I have started on this server.
Not because I'm super diligent or anything, but because my brain will not allow me to just stop.
So I have to be somewhat careful about the scope of the projects that I start.


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Oh wow, that's pretty impressive, major!
Usually I eventually finish my projects, even if it takes a very long time, but I've for sure changed my projects before to make them easier.
In creative I wanted to make a large to-scale house (and I did, it was tough), and then I wanted to make it so there was a crack in the wall and when you went inside, it was like a whole regular sized city/open market kind of thing, but it proved to be difficult so I changed it to just have like hanging lights inside, and I lost my /home so I didn't and never will finish it. :(
Last server I made a farm with 2 of every type of horse and I tried to do that again, but it's so time consuming so I've largely abandoned that one, too. :(