The Blazotron 3000: Public Blaze Farm


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So! Thank you to Everyone who has helped so far with this large scale process! For a while there it had fallen to the wayside, but thankfully, people like Miner_Bill have revived this server project!
At this stage, removing the rest of the fortress, tweaking the grinder and adding safety is all that is left!

Photos of Miner_Bills experimental Grinder are here!
Blaze farm 1.png
Blaze Farm 2.png
Blaze farm 3.png


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Thank you, KittyAshlee! The auto-crusher circuit needs fixing after the update, but everything else still works. MajorWumpus has some pathfinding strategies to improve the efficiency of the mob delivery (over my kluge-tastic over-crowded elevators).

And please, everyone, feel free to critique, improve, beautify, ridicule (okay maybe not that one), or otherwise participate in this project in any other way, I feel like I've monopolized this community project and would encourage your involvement.
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