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Thanks eagle! Server is up and running. The people who have messaged me have gotten the IP and password, though if anyone still wants to join you are free to do so, just message me either though minecraft or the fourm. Happy hunting :thumbsup:


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I'm necroing this thread since new content has been released.
New content has been released! Not only has the brand-spanking-new 1.3 patch dropped, but the ports for Mac and Linux have entered open beta. I took this opportunity to begin a new playthrough and I decided to torment myself with the new Expert mode. In short, it makes Terraria hard. As in really hard. Every enemy has double health and double damage. That includes bosses, who also have newly revamped AI, making them even tougher!

The huge increase in difficulty really broke the way I play games. I always try to go as fast as possible. I rarely subscribe to nuance. My method in previous playthroughs of Terraria involved me brute forcing through every obstacle in my way. But with the difficulty spike I could no longer succeed using this method. I was forced to be patient, I had to watch for patterns. I had to build boss arenas and farm the materials to make potions! I actively worked to ensure the best buffs and reforged accessories to provide maximum defense. Even then, I lost many times and had more than one occasion where I survived a boss encounter with less than ten health points. It has been a refreshing way to play a game and I have had a lot of fun.

Even disregarding the revamped bosses, so much has been added. They have mounts, brand new bosses, new npcs and tons of new weapons, armor and crafting materials. It feels as though they may have increased the size of the game by at least 50%.
It amazes me that Redigit have added so much new content yet again, and completely for free. If you haven't already, I recommend checking out the new expansion.


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We actually have a 1.3 server up, it's not expert mode but its still fun to play with others, though currently I seem to be the only one frequently going on. :p


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Ip is port is 10777, we're currently deep in 1.3 hardmode content, have fun! :D
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10/10 gameplay, wish I was there to see it happen. Stuff in the chests, take anything that catches your eye.


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Everytime I log on the lunar boss event is going on and I can take out the pillars solo but not the moon lord


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I've been using a few potions to take out some of the tougher bosses, and I've got to say it really helps. There are probably a few extras lying around in the potion chest.
Ironskin: increases defense by 8
Lifeforce: increases max health by 20%
Endurance: decreases damage taken by 10%
+ I have warding on all my trinkets, which is another 20 defense.
I also got a worm scarf, expert mode drop from eater of worlds, which is another +17% reduced damage taken.
If you just farm the pillars for a bit and get decent weapons you should be good, for the actual fight I mainly used A fast shooting gun with chlorophyte bullets because apparently I can't be bothered to aim lol.
if you don't have decent armor there are some materials in the ore chest that you can combine with the fragments that the pillar's drop to make some.