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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if it needs to be relocated, please feel free to do so.

My question is this: does anyone here have experience setting up a small, 2-person server? I was hoping to be able to set one up just for my son and myself, so that we could play together in our own world, using mods that radically change the game environment (such as Twilight Forest).

As I tried to look for information, a few questions popped up that I couldn't find answers to:
* If I install the Minecraft server software (as opposed to client), would it interfere with my ability to log onto the CC server?
* Since it would be only supporting 2 players, would I be able to run it on the computer I have now, or should I not bother unless I get something more powerful?
* Would I even be able to use the same launcher to open the game? I use Magic Launcher to open my game, which helps me run Optifine. It also gives the option to turn mods on/off; would that allow me to run mods in our local game, then turn off the ones that aren't allowed on the CC server?

I'm sure there are other things I haven't even considered (I haven't attempted anything like this before), so I figured I'd seek out some wisdom before I did anything. Any and all help or advice would be welcome.

(And please note, just so there's no misunderstanding, this isn't an attempt to advertise for another server. Like I mentioned before, it'll just be for my son and myself.)

Thanks in advance.


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The easiest way if you two intend to play together would be by hitting escape in-game and opening the world to LAN, however this has the drawback that whichever one of you does not control the account that owns the world save would not be able to join alone. My brother and I run a local tekkit server sometimes, and though I have not worked with the server software myself, I don't believe you have reason to be concerned. The server software is separate from the game, and you can run both at once to connect to your server (provided that your computer isn't old and slow). So long as you have a way of disabling the mods (automatic or manually depending on client), you should be able to log into CC just fine.
If you need help getting such a system set up, there are probably dozens of players more suited than I am for the task. Good luck


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Thanks man. I won't get to try this out for a day or two, but you gave me a few things to consider.


I have never setup a Windows server but I have set up plenty of Linux ones.

-It will not interfere with CC - in multiplayer you will add your server.
-If your computer was made in the 4-7 years 2 people will be no problem.
-Same launcher no problems.

Running just a plain minecraft server is really simple. The problems arise when you starting adding server mods and features.