Resource World Problem

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Username: West_In_Pieces
Server: Resource World

So I was Epearling around the Resource Server, and I enderpearled into some gravel underwater. I now cannot join the server for long enough to mine the gravel because I am instantly kicked for flying/related. I do not hack or anything, I just got glitched inside some gravel or something. If a staff or mod could teleport me back to spawn, that would be appreciated.

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If your quick enough you could type (or copy paste) either /lobby or /spawn and get spawned there before getting kicked by the server.

Occasionally this worked for me when stuck in a jam.


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I had coded a plugin to solve this type of issue, it must be malfunctioning or not configured high enough.

If when are you normally online? I can manually teleport you while you're connecting with tphere since that solved it before. But I or a moderator would have to be online.
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