Recent Additions to the Server

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Here are the most recently additions and changes to the server, most recent first.
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BottleExp - convert XP back into bottles o' enchanting to sell, use for mending, safely store, etc.
Armor Stand Editor - Easily manipulate armor stands to do amazing things (Boxland only).
Head Database - Thousands of custom heads to use in creative builds (Boxland and Creative).
Home Invites - Any player can use /sethome to set a home, then invite other players to visit.
WorldEdit in /boxland - all users can now use worldedit on their claimed plots in boxland.
Shop GUI - /cshop brings up a GUI with useful shop-related commands and info.
Random Teleport. Use /rtp in build, survival, resource or creative.
Creative Plots. A new world with creative plots. Any player can claim plots and build in creative mode.
Vote for in game currency. Get rewarded for voting on multiple sites.
Refer players for in game currency. Get rewarded for bringing new players to the server.
Player Shops. New world, player owned shops and a new in game currency.
Skyblock Changes. New shop and points currency in skyblock.
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