Public Slime Farm ( Complete! /warp Slimefarm )


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Update: We're DONE! The project is complete and open to all players.
Public warp approved: /warp slimefarm

Thank you to everyone who took part, it was a fun working as a group and we made pretty good time.
Totals: 104 total days, 11 players involved.

Check below for the final update, and some nice pictures.
If you'd like to contribute some artwork/graffiti for the walls (see below) please contact me.


This is a group project, anyone on the server who wishes to participate can. Just contact me in game, on the forums or on discord and I'll set you up. We started on May 24th with the goal of making an XP / slime farm and getting as many players involved as we could.

Our progress so far:

(Done) Find location
(Done) Identify slime chunks to center on
(Done) Lay out guides for walls to drain water
(Done) Drain water to sea floor
(Done) Leave slime chunks capped, everything else dug down to y=5
(Done) Identify slime chunks to target, rough in waterways
(Done) Build chamber where players will wait
(Done) Build platforms for slime spawning and finish waterways to move them to players.
(Done) finishing touches - replace blocks at y=5 that endermen can lift, lower slime chunks and cap at 5, etc.

Participants to date:
@BlackDeathEd (in-game BlackDeathEdward)
(If you contributed to the project and I somehow missed you, let me know I'll add you to the list.)

Here is the original post that started the ball rolling:

Starting a new group project to build a public slime farm.
I will be managing the project. I've scouted a location and we are ready to start.

Do a little work, learn some new skills, get your name on a sign (and posted here)... I mean, what could be better than that?

If you are interested in helping, please let me know. No prior experience or knowledge is required, just a willingness to help out.
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Hey, I'm interested! Two little questions:
- Any idea roughly how many hours of work that project would be?
- Are there any particular materials we need to provide?


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I can provide all the materials that will be required.
This isn't a build that's going to use a ton of materials (as builds go).

As for how many hours of work that's a little hard to say.
It will depend on how many people want to join in.
But each person can contribute as much time as they can afford, there's no set requirement.


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We're going to get started this weekend, either the last part of Friday or Saturday.
If you want to help out, please let me know. This isn't a deadline, if you miss the start of the project but you want to get involved, just jump in later.

I'll post progress reports as the project progresses.


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So yesterday we started on this project.
So far players involved: Anfasa, xStartGamingx, KittyAshlee

Here's the location I chose. That monument off to the side is a little troubling, but we should be able to stay just clear of it.
It's all deep ocean biome, the sea floor is around y=40 or just below for most of the region.


So @Anfasa and I headed down to clear out a 3-high, 3x4 chunk section.
Unfortunately we ran into several very large lava deposits we had to clear out, but eventually we got to this:


That's a 3x4 chunk section, with each chunk separated by fencing and the whole thing lit by jackolanterns. No mobs can spawn, so only slimes will spawn (assuming any slime chunks). We went and hid nearby for a while and got lucky, 2 adjacent slime chunks right where I hoped they would be.

Now it was back to the surface to mark off the build and place some stone guides for dropping the sand walls. You can see a bit of redstone in the picture, that allows someone to stand slick right clicking, being fed sand and have it pushed out to the other end of the build.


@KittyAshlee and @xstargamingx also helped with the sand portion of the project.

So there we are, about 24 hours into the project so far and making decent progress. There are a lot of walls to lay down, so this phase is going to last a while. Anyone who wants to stop by and help out is more than welcome to do so.
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Yesterday was all about placing sand walls. Get used to hearing that, it's going to take a while to place all of them, even with the number of people working on this.
Speaking of which, two additional players joined the project yesterday: @Marine05 and lexilozuli

So yesterday we hit our first couple of bumps.

First, some nincompoop miscounted the spacing between a few of the guides, with 4 spaces instead of 5. Said nincompoop is me, and so I decided not to make a big deal of it. We adjusted the other guides so only 1 is off, giving one lane that is 2 wide. We'll have to deal with that one by hand.

Second, even the stripped down simplified little bits of redstone used to automate placing the sand seem to be a bit unreliable, especially as more players were in the area working or warping in and out. They had a tendency to break, and need to be rebuilt or at least reset. Once this started happening, it became clear that they weren't adding anything to the project. We'll be dropping the sand manually from here on out.

So for a while this project is going to be all about going and getting sand (red sand and gravel also work), and building the walls.


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So this project is still plugging along.

URI886 has joined the team and is helping with the walls and draining. That takes the total to 7 workers so far. If you would like to get involved, please do. There is still plenty of work to do.

In the past couple of days we have: lit up the entire structure (no more creepers allowed!), taken some land that was on the corner of the structure down below sea level, and dropped a lot of sand. Also if you look at this picture, on the right we started draining the first two channels, they are about 10 from hitting bottom.

The draining is a little dicey only because as that wall comes down in the middle, it is no longer lit up, so if you don't notice night coming...
Relatively simple fix for this is to work in teams of 2. With one person on guard for mobs and doing some support with the sand wall, the other can concentrate on the redstone and cleanup from that. It goes pretty quickly.


On a personal note, I spent a good chunk of yesterday building a redstone monstrosity that would skim back and forth and go down each time on it's own, doing a 19 wide (could be wider) stretch at a time. Fired it up and the unthinkable happened... it kind of worked. Of course I made one slight error which caused parts of it to misfire, had sand where I should have had obsidian. But the parts that did work worked remarkably well. Later today I will build it again, with obsidian everywhere it needs to be, and see what happens. If it does work, as it seems like it will, it could be a huge time saver. If you want to see it, or are just curious what I'm basing it on, let me know. I'll try to remember to take a few pictures before I start it up to post in the next update.


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These updates may be coming a little less frequently, as they are going to sound a bit redundant until this water is all take care of.
We have finished a few more sand walls, and are placing a stone brick wall around the outside.
Of course when it's finished the whole thing will have protection placed on it.


@eaglestallon joined team slime recently. That brings the total players who have worked on this project to 8.
(Yes, "Team Slime" would look great on a t-shirt or mug or something.)

So depending on how much time people have, and who else may want to pitch in, we probably have another couple of weeks or so to finish up the walls.
Then we drain down to the sea floor, and then the digging begins.

If you would like to get involved in the project, just let me know. Everyone is welcome, and there are a variety of tasks that need to be done.


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Just a quick update. We've been making decent progress and have a few more walls up. We also finished draining the first few channels down to the sea floor, as you can see here:


Now we just need to keep doing this for 20 some more walls and 30 some more channels. Easy peasy!
As always, any players on the server are welcome to join in. If you don't have time to help, but you have some extra sand or gravel, that helps too.
Just contact me in-game, on the forums on in discord and let me know.
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We've got another couple of channels down to the sea floor, and the sand walls in between removed.
Funny thing is, the sea floor is just low enough for slime to spawn, and given the whole thing is lit up so that's all that can spawn there, getting a fair amount of slime already down there.


I'm going to start putting these in as thumbnails, each one is downsized but with all of them on the page like this it's a little much.
As always, everyone is welcome to join in the project. Just let me know here, in game or on discord.


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So do you fill in the channels with more sand to get rid of the water, then excavate them back out?


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We use a little redstone machine to skim the water. It takes 2 levels off at a time, five blocks wide.
That's why we're placing the walls so that there a 5 blocks of water in between.
It's a machine I've used quite a bit in the past, and it's remarkably reliable for a redstone device.
You will need a bucket, and the only trick is to start it up and to restart it if it stops, all you need to do is place or remove water in front of the redstone block to cause a block update.
As it moves the water coming in the front continually causes the updates that keep it moving.

Here are some pictures of it in action (you knew this was coming, right?).
First, a device at the end of a run. There are actually two water source blocks left to get rid of at the end, just get them with a bucket.
Second, the same device broken down, rebuilt 2 down and facing back the way it came.
Finally, place a sponge 1 up and 1 behind the redstone block, this cleans up most of the water it will leave behind and updates it to start it on it's way.

skimmer1.png skimmer2.png skimmer3.png


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This isn't really a status update, but this happened this morning:


It's like they can't wait to be made into sticky pistons.


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Probably overdue for an update.

The skimmers were working, but placing a sand wall every 6 blocks was pretty taxing. I stumbled on a redstone skimmer that was part of an auto farm for sugarcane, but seemed like it would work for our purposes. Tested and worked great. The bonus is it can do 20 blocks across at a time, which saves quite a bit of work dropping sand walls. Once we accounted for this increase, we were able to build the remaining sand walls and finish the stone brick outer wall.

Before I forget, new member of team slime: @Miner_Bill

Here's the new skimmer about to be launched:


Pretty simple to build... 2 sticky pistons, 2 observer blocks, 2 stone and some slime.
The walls behind the sticky pistons need to be obsidian (or another non-movable block).


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A lot has happened since the last update.
We have gotten rid of all the water, leveled the sea floor to y=28, put up some walls and marked all the slime chunks in the area.
Now we're ready to dig everything down to bedrock and start building the actual slime farm.

Here's how things look right now:

Also, team slime expanded once again, with __Ronin__ joining in.
Team Slime!


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Another update! YAY!

Team Slime has reached bedrock, and we are starting to clear everything down to that level. The pace has slowed a bit because we have to deal with quite a bit of lava, but we're still making good progress. Here's how things look now:

We uncovered the chamber we created at the beginning of the project, and I cleared out all fencing that wasn't around slime chunks.
Just standing nearby caused this:

So now we just need to get everything down to y=5, then we can start building the actual farm parts and a the chamber for players to gather xp/slime.

Another new addition to team slime (he kind of gave it away up there): BlackDeathEdward
I'm going to edit the first entry on the thread to have a complete list of team members and serve as more of an overview.


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So here's where we are now:
We finished digging everything down to Y=5, except for the slime chunks.
Selected a final location for the killing platform and roughed in the waterways around the 4 slime chunks we will be using.


Based on that location, I decided to empty out an additional 2 chunks out on one side, which is in progress.


Today will be a test run of the waterway and one of the platforms, to make sure the slimes don't pop out and make it all the way to the chamber. If there is an issue, better to deal with it now.

So we still need to finish the digging in the added section, take the glass walls around the slime chunks up to 42 minimum, and make the platforms themselves. Also need to finalize the room for players.

If you have any questions about why any of this is done the way it is, how water is flowing uphill (because minecraft) or anything else about this build, just ask.


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Hey, just another progress report.
The end is in sight!

All areas are now taken down to y=5, with the exceptions of some of the slime chunks. Here's how that looks now:
Still need to replace the blocks that an Enderman can pick up (mostly sand and gravel), and need to take the slime chunks that we just capped before down to level y=5 and cap them there. The reason we do this is that it is slightly more efficient when mobs are spawning, to have everything as low as possible.

Repositioned the killing platform, raised it so that we will be slightly closer to some of the platforms. The water stairway below is a beautiful example of minecraft physics. It works, the water pushing the mobs up the stairs to their eventual doom:
Also roughed in a player chamber. Considering leaving the full glass walls so the streams of slimes working their way toward the chamber are on full display.

Fun fact: Slimes are the only mob that will continue to move outside of a 31 block radius from any player. So having spawning platforms outside that range does result in more slimes being produced. And once they hit the water, they'll end up on the killing platform waiting to be made into sticky pistons.


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This project is done! Woo hoo!
Just over 100 days to transform 256 chunks of deep sea biome into a slime farm/xp farm.
Here's a nighttime shot of the finished product:


Also, as an um... experienced gentleman (old guy) this tickled me.
I saw this from across the build and assumed I was imagining things:


Sure enough, I ran over there and Miner_bill had left a little surprise on the wall, a space invader:


I got a kick out of it, but it also gave me an idea... we have these big walls that right now are a little unsightly. If anyone wants to add a little artwork, graffiti, whatever please let me know. I'm going to be putting up all the protections but I can open up walls for some work, and given everything is half slabbed instead of lit up, the water coming in won't be a problem.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who contributed.
What's next? Maybe a little break, then we'll pick another project most likely.
Something the server as a whole could use.