Proposal for a group build project in Survival


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Hey, all! As the title says, I had an idea for a building project that I thought might be interesting to open up as a joint effort to any fellow Crafters who are interested in participating. Anyone who's been to the area that I've setup along with Ankarin in the Survival map recently has probably noticed the large airship that's hovering over our farm area. Building that got me thinking that a large airfield/hanger for other airships might be a fun, creative project to try and make happen. And while it's a project that I'd typically have no problem slowly tackling on my own, I think it would be a cool experience to let anyone who wanted to participate come be a part of it. I've started clearing some space right behind my settlement for it, but haven't gotten any further than that. I figured while it's still in the planning stages, now would be a good time to start getting people onboard and work out what we want it to look like, who wants to build what, that sort of thing.
If anyone is interested, I'm usually on periodically throughout the day so you can reach me in-game, and also have a Discord that I'll happily pass along to anyone who'd rather hit me up that way - we could even eventually use the voice channels on the CC Discord should we decide that planning things out over group chat would help.
So yeah, let's get this thing started and get the community vibe going - hope to hear from you folks!


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Sounds interesting. I'm not great at making things pretty, but I could do some basic building. I'll talk to you in game the next time I see you.


Pronounced with a 'Umpty'
So, status update for any of those who have expressed interest in joining in and check in on the forums...
I've started a bit of building. I haven't touched the airfield itself yet aside from marking off a bit of space, but I started plugging in rough frames for some outlying buildings, mostly completing one so it can be used as a block palette and rough style guide for the look I was thinking of (as well as a place to stash storage chests). I'm also more than open to changing things up, so if anyone has ideas for alternate materials/styles, I'm down with it. I figure we can get a handful of buildings up to get a clearer picture of what the space will look like, and then go from there. So if anyone wants to contact me in-game so I can invite you to the warp, you can start building whenever you're ready.