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Each individual page of can be liked. Every thread and every page. Go on, try it down there.


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I think it would be more prudent to create a trailer including all our spawns and some of the great things people have built that are truly epic. Also when it's time for the rpg server to be released I plan to release a trailer of some of the amazing work we have done on there to reddit.
oh, uh, drmad I think maybe... just possibly... if you would let me... I could make the rpg trailer :D I have a lot of video making experience :D well I could make one and if you don't like you can make your own? ok? :D


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Browsing through the various Minecraft server directories today (while desperately waiting for the 1.3 update -- I have a lot of procrastinating to get done today), I was quite surprised to discover we're listed on basically none of them. Of the 8 results on the first page of a Google for "minecraft servers":

* 5 have no listing at all for MinecraftCC
* 2 have either a terribly outdated or rather dreadful listing
* and just 1 has a perfectly lovely listing (, except for the woefully small number of votes.

I don't know how much traffic the server directories actually drive, but it's got to be worth at least maintaining a presence on several of the most popular ones.

The 65 tiny little votes on isn't a great result for the 12th of the month. Perhaps varying the reward for voting from time to time would help nudge more people into casting their daily vote. Potions of Swiftness are fun (and fantastic for the treasure hunters among us), but judging by that low vote figure they're not the most appealing incentive for everyone. Personally I'd like to get some different items of similar value -- awkward potion, ender pearl, a couple of blaze rods... -- perhaps have a different item on offer each week. I love that we have a nice little token of thanks for voting (way better all round than the stacks of diamond some servers hand out), but a freshening-up of the offer might encourage folks along a bit.


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Looks a bit outdated now :p
We've just done a full reset and changed all of the lobby and the world spawns. :thumbsup: But otherwise a good video.