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***IMPORTANT: If the forum is calling you a spammer, try posting text WITHOUT your bitcoin address included, then editing the post afterward to include your address.***

***ALSO IMPORTANT: Double-check the case of your address AFTER you post. There have been instances where the case is changed to lower case, which will result in an invalid Bitcoin address. I cannot be held responsible if this is the case, so please double-check it yourself!***

If you want to be paid bitcoins for your mining activities, post your bitcoin address in this thread in exactly the following format:

[username, bitcoin_address]

Mine, for example, would be:

[SgtSpike, 18TKNbSLTrd3a2W8mtoH5uNzFhWRWNcuHU]

Be sure to include the square brackets and the comma, or you will not receive a payout!
Your Minecraft in-game username MUST match your forum username, or you will not receive a payout!

Also include a sentence or two in your post if you are having trouble getting past the spam filter. We've had to tighten things up on that end else we get dozens of spam postings an hour.

Do not use the same bitcoin address twice (for example, if you have two minecraft accounts you wish to receive payouts on), or you risk only receiving payouts to one account. If you want to receive payments from activity on multiple minecraft accounts, please use a separate bitcoin address for each account (and obviously a separate forum account for each address).

Valid bitcoin addresses should always begin with a 1, and are usually between 33 and 36 characters in length. If anyone wishes to check the validity of a bitcoin address before posting it here, please use this website:

Finally, if you need to update your account to a new address, simply make a new post in this thread with your new address and it will overwrite your old address.

And of course, for more information about this project, check out the informational thread.
[basjvr, 1PHDrNAMxZJZ1S6JuQhYGfopnaJb69vVXf]


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My daughter changed her name, yet again lol, to xXLunaKittenXx so updating this for her:

[xXLunaKittenXx, 1Ho1B5nACwhkHCdJgAKGqPcBXe6yiABCyQ]
Hi there! Per the instructions in post one, Your name needs to match the minecraft name to be enrolled in the program.
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