Old Minecraft Server Maps Downloads


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We are working to make all our old maps available via torrents. Please download the torrents (attached to this post) and help seed them to help us ensure excellent uptime/availability to anyone who wants them. Thanks!

Also, if someone wouldn't mind writing up some descriptions of what is on the maps (especially what version is required/recommended to run them), I would be much obliged. It's been way too long since I've had them open to really know what they contain, but I know that some people might look here and think "huh, I wonder which map had brickville on it", and it'd be great to have answers for that. And I know some of the older maps especially won't run right on newer versions of Minecraft, so advice/guidance on that would be great to have as well.



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I hope the last Survival map that was just reset is put up soon :)
what ws the number? was it 7?


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Are these still being seeded? Need to look at the old Build spawns. Any chance of getting build 2 or earlier on there?


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I am currently seeding Atrium1, Build3 and part of build4 (downloading 4 and at 53% atm)


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When will Build7 and Survival4 and the other maps from that generation be available?
These are the last iterations before the current ones.