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Hey there, I'm joining the server tomorrow and I want to get some info so I don't join not knowing what to expect or do. So it would be great if you could answer some of my questions!

Where and how do I donate?

What mode is best for earning bitcoins?

Are there rules on how we mine or can we just go crazy and do what ever?

Any groups I can join?

How much canadian $ is a bitcoin?

How many blocks do I have to mine/place to earn a Bitcoin?

Stratagies to starting out on the server?

Good ways to farm Bitcoins?

Thanks for taking your time to read this! Good night, I'll see you guys tomorrow!


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Welcome to the community! You will find the rules here. And the welcome area here.
Be sure to read SgtSpike's post, and you may wish to start a topic of your own.

I will leave it to others who are into bitcoin to answer some of your other questions.
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