New Shop: Edward's


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Hey everyone its BlackDeathEdward again, back at it again with another build
(yes another one, this one is kind of like a side build to the communal area)
I am already finished the shop and it is called Edward's, its a shop that sells leather armour/clothing
(as I like to refer to it. Anyway I'll switch over to Narrator mode now to describe it in detail.

Edward's is a shop located near Build made out of birch wood and lit up by glowstone. Edwar'ds is a shop dedicated to providing you with luxury clothing, intended for the wealthiest of players. We have a wide diversity of collections and items to choose from, ranging from our Supreme Collection to our Rainbow Collection. We proud ourselves in using the finest leather and dyes, our leather is made from wild cows and our luxury dye from the farthest away gardens in survival.

I try to use the same Sponsor and VIP system in every build I make so here it is:
- Sponsors are people who donate to the shop in significant ways they get
more significant discounts and are acknowledged in the shop.
(not work this time because the shop is finished in its structure)
-VIP's are people who frequently buy at the shop and get discounts
off of items within the shop.

Now on to some questions you may have about the shop:

Seriously Luxury leather you have to be kidding me?

Yes, We know luxury leather isn't very valuable but we actually do use the finest quality materials
and it takes over 24 hours just to design, gather and build a set. We are always trying to satisfy your
needs and if you don't want to buy from us thats alright.

I want to buy from your shop but how can I?

First of all go to our shop, it is made entriely out of birch and is up on a hill
near the tree farm and subway station. Then feel free to go inside and look at our
inventory, we have a wide diversity of items that we think you will be pleased by.
When you have made a selection please message me at /msg BlackDeathEdward.
Please make sure to include your username and the item you would like to purcahse.
You must then proceed to go to our basement where you will throw in your choice of pay
into a hopper that is labelled with the collection/item name. When we have checked that you have payed enough we will then have it put in our delivery section at the back of the shop in a chest with your name on
it. You can them come by at any time to pick it up.
(Orders may take 1-7 days or in extreme cases more due to the fact that it takes a while to gather certain collections and their dyes)

How much do I have to buy to become a VIP?

We can't put an exact number on that but we can say that it may be somewhere around 5-7 collection...
This may not be the exact number so if you buy that much and you dont become a VIP please don't get mad.

Whats stopping me from making my own dyed leather and saying its from Edward's?

Nothing, except fairness. Its the same with knockoffs of a product in real life, CC is an honest
and fair community and we hope you don't go ahead and do that as that would ruin CC's reputation
and it would also damage yours if anybody found out.

I already have dyed leather armour what should I do?

You don't have to burn it or destroy it of course and you can keep it if you like,
or even better you can donate it to us and we will give you a significant discount
off of our items.

-Edward' your wealth in style
-Thank you for reading this and we hope to see you soon at our wonderful store!