Neat 1.9 Feature!


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Alright, I've been playing on the server for some time now, but today I was in my settings messing around with the new features and things. I found a Subtitles option, witch means sounds turn into words on the bottom right corner of your screen while you're playing the game. I'm guessing this was put in the game for people that can't hear sounds or for the players that don't use sounds that includes myself. I listen to music while I play minecraft. This feature helps you find caves, underground water streams, pools and also lava pools. Don't go digging around like I did in clans or any world mods will think you ran into diamonds or ores like you have xray, Happened to me earlier, but after I explained myself and told them I see "Minecart rolls" in my right corner I wanted to mine down and see it. THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN USE MY EXCUSE. But I showed proof that it said Minecart rolls message was in the corner. Please don't abuse this feature because it could easily get you banned if no one see this post.

Everyone mine Safely,


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Yeah, I use this a lot when playing single player. I do wonder if the server will have some kind of limiting rule on it though.