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Discussion in 'Wiki Editors' started by Frenziedfox, Nov 15, 2014.


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  1. Frenziedfox

    Frenziedfox Theoretical Motivator

    Greetings Editxperts! I have a brief formatting question for you. I was poking around the wiki and noticed that the system seems to automatically create links, even when the context makes no sense.
    Example (Check the second bullet-point "Guests can Build anywhere...")
    I figured I would pop into the editor and rectify this grievous error. However, after looking at the editor, there didn't seem to be any apparent thing I could do to fix this. Would anyone know of a solution?
  2. Stevie3939

    Stevie3939 Active Member

    why don't you has a poll vote that says "idk" ? :c
  3. Gibitul

    Gibitul Active Member

    Have you tried using the [PLAIN](text)[/PLAIN] BB Code?

    EDIT: I tried the above, it doesn't seem to work. However, adding bold to it fixes this issue, but it doesn't really help because the word still sticks out.
    Also this page is pretty helpful
  4. MGO_WiLdTuRkEy

    MGO_WiLdTuRkEy Cobble Gobble!

    How about buil[ b ][/ b ]d (without the spaces obviously)? Would that confuse it enough? :thinking:
  5. Gibitul

    Gibitul Active Member

    You can use the [PLAIN][/PLAIN] BB Code around the bold brackets to prevent the formatting :p

    Also, yes that does in fact work. Except for one issue: When you open the edit screen again, the BB Code disappears, probably because it was applied to what was within those brackets, which just so happened to be absolutely nothing. As a result, the brackets went away and the system recognized the word as "Build" when you saved, and redid it. So it's only a temporary solution. Every-time you edited that page you would have to apply that BB Code again.
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