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I can't play anymore, due to a hand injury while mountain biking, but I often dream of building fantastic and fabulous things.

I often imagine recreating some of my LEGO Universe properties in Minecraft, and think about the logistics, given the different medium.

If you had unlimited resources, unlimited space and materials, and most importantly unlimited time, what would you build?
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I am a huge fan of the harry potter series and I've always been fascinated by the Hogwarts castle and the details of it. Because of that, I'd love to build the castle itself, but I have neither the time, or the skill to pull such a large scale project off on my own :p


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I'm with Kitty, I've always wanted to build Hogwarts too. There were a few other large term builds that I had wanted to do and I was talking to Anfasa about them but I don't know what they were now.. Ah yes, I would have loved to build Gondor and the Lonely Mountain.. Rohan is a better choice because of the simplicity of the city, but I would have loved to do them all.


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Oooh, Hogwarts is a good one!
Maybe. . . art.
Hear me out:
I would, at a block to pixel ratio, recreate famous images and movie scenes, probably. Or even non-famous ones that I just like
Maybe learn redstone super well so I could make a really cool mansion type thing with like secret passageways and such!
There are so many cool things I'd like to do if I had the time, I wish I could think of them all, right now, hahaha! :D


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Minas Tirith! (yes, I know it's been done before)

Or maybe a huge underground city with a fake sky, fields, trees and so on. And tons of underground secret passages between houses and hidden mechanisms, because I love that.

Or a village built into the steep side of a tall mountain:

There are so many possibilities... (and it's not excluded that I one day start working on one of those :p)