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  1. RedGolpe

    RedGolpe New Member

    Hi all, I'm a complete noob here so sorry for stupid questions :) I just started wandering around the Build server trying to find a suitable spot to start a base, possibly close to some cows, but I couldn't find any, though I have traveled several thousand blocks in random directions. I also have seen very few sheeps, some (fenced) pigs and lots of squids. Should I just try harder, or simply there are no cows in Build? Thank you for your time.
  2. Xanderpitz

    Xanderpitz I AM the piano man.

    Cows are there, but I've had the same trouble. Sometimes they just appear randomly and you get lucky. Sometimes you have to run 2000 blocks and lead them back to get them. All in all, even 2000 blocks is worth it in the end so just keep trying! ;)
  3. RedGolpe

    RedGolpe New Member

    Thank you, will keep walking then :)
  4. dunkeroni

    dunkeroni Retired Melon

    We're working on increasing the mob spawn rates without filling the server with lag. Hopefully we'll get a good balance soon so you can find some cows without too much trouble.
  5. RedGolpe

    RedGolpe New Member

    Good to know, thanks.

    Edit: found them at last!

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