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Hello all!

This thread has been created with the task and intention of obtaining feedback from all of you. This is a general feedback tool that enables you as members of this community, to share your thoughts in a constructive way, with everyone else and the community staff.

This is intended to be a general topic, positive message tool. If you have a suggestion for a solution to feedback you have, then please include that.

This is NOT a thread to complain about a member, staff, or the server going down. We have a thread for reporting hacks and cheats. Better yet, speak to or message a mod for those issues.

1. No specific names or locations! IF you need to share specifics, then utilize things like Person A, etc.
2. MUST be positive and constructive!
3. Don’t expect to get a response to everything. We will try to provide responses, or message you privately if we feel the need to do so. Not everything has an immediate answer, or an easy one!

If you break any of these rules, expect that we may edit or delete your post! If you feel an absolute need to break the rules, then it may be better to private message a mod or admin.

So with that, please share your thoughts on how we can improve the server, forums, etc. I ask that you think and consider the message you are posting. Not just what you intend to say, but what others might read when they see it.

*Please note - If it has to do with making changes to the server, such as a new plugin. We will consider your feedback, but understand that there are a lot of things in the back end that may not allow it to work, or might break other features, etc.

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The resource map is due a reset. :ninja:

A possible solution is to have a trusted level 3 mod granted permission to do resource map resets for when admins are not available.


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I might just have to hold off at this point until next month to reset the world. How would everyone feel about holding off the reset?


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The resource world is huge and untapped.
Especially given that the usual 5K world border was not put in place this time.

I don't think the issue is that it desperately needs to be reset.
I think that people need to know when it's going to happen in advance.
So IMO waiting until the 1st shouldn't be a big deal.