Communal Area

Hey Everyone, Its BlackDeathEd here and I am currently working on a communal area for cc in build mode
and I was just looking for suggestions on the interior of the communal area. I would really ppreciate it if any of you could help me.

The communal Area has its indoor main hall and an outdoor backyard complete with a garden.
There are Two sections leading away from the indoor main hall, the VIP/Sponsor section and the
Regular Player Area. Each section will have storage areas and farms.
The same CC rules apply to the communal area and there may be some extra ones posted around on signs in the communal area, please make sure to follow these also.
What is a VIP?
A VIP is a user that has bought a membership to the VIP section of the area from me.

What is a Sponsor?
A Sponsor is a player that has supported or donated significant amounts of resources to the communal area build and has been granted VIP privileges for their help.

How can I buy a VIP membership and what are the prices?
All you have to do to buy a VIP membership is either message
me /msg BlackDeathEdward or if Im online you can talk to me
and purchase one then.
Here are the prices:

- 1 month = 25 Iron, 2 Gold Ingots, 1 Diamond
- 6 months = 50 Iron 4 Gold Ingots 2 Diamonds
-1 year = 100 Iron 7 Gold Ingots, 4 Diamonds
-Forever/Unlimited = 125 Iron, 7 Gold Ingots, 3 Diamonds

I would like to become a Sponsor how can I?
As I stated earlier you can either donate a significant amount of
resources to the project or you can help by working alongside
me on the project. But hurry because time is running out
the communal area is pretty close to being finished and open to the public!

Im still confused about this project.
No worries, you can either ask questions in this thread
or you may message me at BlackDeathEdward

I hope to all see you soon at the Communal Area!

(I am soon going to request the communal area to be a public warp
due to the fact that it is very far from spawn and takes a while to get to
by foot)
Wow this sounds like a big project!
Sounds nice, though!
I'd be willing to donate resources if I have them, what do you need, still?
I currently need a super huge amount of spruce wood and
I also need some redstone, pistons, dispensers, trip wires all of that stuff for the farms...
I also require some obsidian for nether chests that will be within the communal area.

Basically I need allloooottttt of stuff.

(Not to mention glowstone, a wide variety of saplings, quartz, netherrack, etc.)
Update on the Build Numero Uno:

The build is going pretty well so far with some pauses though as I was busy for a while but other than that the User lounge is 75% complete and the main lobby is finished. Both gardens have been terraformed and are waiting to be furnished. All farms in the Communal Area (User Area) are finished but the VIP/Sponsor Lounge hasn't even been started yet sadly.
Anyway that's all!

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