Changes for 1.9 in 2 months... questions.


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because old topic is closed:
1. We are really must wiat 2 months to get 1.9 ? Im no speed up cause i "miss" 1.9 but noone do anything in worlds that be resetted because its useless. It cant be eariler ?
2. After get 1.9 will be dig for Satoshi too ? (i saw some concepts of get cash to server) ?


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Reason the Mine4BTC program is ending is due to @SgtSpike running out of coin.

I believe he has mentioned previously that the program could continue were donations to occur (plus I believe some minor issues with transactions from one bitcoin address to many bitcoin addresses as he does atm for payments) but the current likelihood for that is low IMO. Maybe someone wanting to spread adoption of another coin would find the method of distribution demonstrated by the MC Crafters Community attractive, but I've not actively looked into the current state of the crypto community yet (probably will once the Bitcoin is gone) to make any firm opinions on the matter (anything but DOGE is a good start :p).

The overlap/confusion is with the time frame of current funds being exhausted with the mine4btc program lines up closely with the start date for this server using version 1.9.