Can't connect to the server.


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It appears you have entered... The Resource Zone. o_o
You'll either have to ninja-/spawn or wait until there's a moderator on the server to tp you away from the area after you login. I'd recommend not going out the South-East part of spawn.
Best of luck! :coffee:

Edit: I'm on at the moment, but I don't know how long I'll be on.


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I figured out that by using a chat client and not the actual game, it bought me a few seconds on the server. So I just used my warps and got out of there.


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Well I got stuck in the resource zone when I went to see what was happening for myself. I left and couldn't join back for a second but otherwise I was fine. I rejoined and went to lobby.
I don't know if I went out far enough though. Willing to give it another go if I must. For science!