APP: [GRINDER] Warp Application


X: -37
Y: 227
Z: 413

Located in Survival7. I already have "GRINDER" as a private warp. So the name is definitely available. I would like it to be made public please.

This is not quite the original grinder I made a few world changes back, but it is definitely pretty good. It's a great place to get resources from the following mobs that end up in the grinding chamber: Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, and Witches. All mobs (except witches) are 1 hit kills. There is a baby filter that prevents babies from ending up in the grinding chamber. The source of the mobs are 2-12 floor towers that are setup to prevent spider spawning.

There are plenty of chests that collect the drops below. Also, the player's chest when grinding has overflow protection that sends all drops to the collection chests below when the player's chest becomes full. There is overflow protection for the collection chests below when they become full to send the overflow to lava. In the chests area there are multiple "Trash" chests that players can dump items like zombie flesh to be sent directly to lava as well.

I have put together timed dispensers to prevent players from abusing the free resources I am providing. It was a challenge to come up with a way to protect the source of the resources since all players can open dispensers and chests. I believe I have came up with a good way to protect the resource. I am offering free resources like Food, Gold Ingots, Iron Ingots, Diamonds, and Lapis. I am working on a 60 minute time so I can offer other stuff like Beacons, Nether Stars, and Wither Skeleton Skulls.

I have future expansion plans for possibly giving the players a room where I can spawn the wither for them to claim their own kill. Pretty much like in the original grinder. As for the grinder's overall size, it is pretty massive with the option to keep building huge floors below. Size comparison to the original grinder I have built, this has the potential to be over 10x the size.

Are we thinking of a Parkour course? Maybe a massive one! Something that has a reward at the end maybe. :)

Thanks in advance.



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Hey @crankypapa

The staff deliberated, and came to the conclusion that this application is approved, with one amendment: the name should be changed
As this isn't the only grinder available, we felt the name should be a bit more specific.
Feel free to suggest some alternative, and we'll get this public warp set up for you!


How about we put a warp list on the wall to the other grinders so when people warp to grinder they can see there are others available.
Else I am good with "MobGrinder" for the warp.

Another thing we can do is set up a public warp for "Grinder" that takes you to a small room with all the warps to the other grinders listed. And when other people request public warps for their grinders they can be added to that room as well.

I would be willing to make a nice room that you can protect and control who can place the signs.

FYI - Iron farm will be coming soon. Also as soon as I can figure out how to catch falling pigmen and transport them in the nether without causing them damage, I will build a pigmen grinder. I already have the spawn tower built that produces tons of pigmen. Mainly using it as a gold farm right now.