1. bmlzootown @ bmlzootown:
    pew pew
  2. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Thank You!
  3. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Sorry to hear about your son's exposure. I hope he doesn't come down with it. Your family is in my thoughts.
  4. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
  5. maria12726 @ maria12726:
  6. LuxuryWafer @ LuxuryWafer:
  7. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Thanks, Crypto!
  8. crypto4coin @ crypto4coin:
    Hi Ms, best of luck with you and yours in the interesting times we live in.
  9. crypto4coin @ crypto4coin:
    Know the feeling MD, I have been a little haphazard myself getting in game time here. All the best :)
  10. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    PRAYER REQUEST: If any of you pray, please keep my family in your prayers. The young lady who works right next to my son in the store has tested positive for covid, and has symptoms. Sean and Mak live in my mother in law apartment downstairs. Sean is quarantined for 14 days, but just before he got the news he gave me a big hug...
  11. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    I know, that was a bummer.
  12. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    Sad Day... Eddie Van Halen has died.
  13. crankypapa @ crankypapa:
    Any mods online?
  14. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    It was dismembered by the wind... Heavy wrought iron, but not staked to the concrete patio.
  15. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    So what happened with the gazebo? Is it just gone now? Did it hit the road to "find iteself"?
  16. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    OMG the wind just took my whole gazebo ...
  17. MountainDude23 @ MountainDude23:
    Thanks, guys. :)
  18. MsRowdyRedhead @ MsRowdyRedhead:
    We will miss seing your face around the place MD! Be well.
  19. MajorWumpus @ MajorWumpus:
    The real world strikes again!
  20. eaglestallon @ eaglestallon:
    Later MD!
  21. MountainDude23 @ MountainDude23:
    You are family. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. I must take my leave and finish up important duties in the real world. I shall return and the day will be glorious. :inlove:
  22. MrTitan9 @ MrTitan9:
    im gonna boop chat
  23. HunterOrHunted @ HunterOrHunted:
  24. crypto4coin @ crypto4coin:
  25. KittyAshlee @ KittyAshlee: