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  1. JakeyPaul

    !!!!!Emergency!!!!!!! Servers down.

    I have the explanation for why you cant join minecraftcc or any other servers is because in the last days popular servers have been hacked by a person named HOICsquad. He has used the ddos hack and so he hacked the mojang multiplayer sessions so the session will be timed out. Don't worry Mojang...
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  3. JakeyPaul

    Last Thing You Did

    Like you gotta tell what you did last. NO SPAMMING. so like yeah it like so like fun, like yeah.
  4. JakeyPaul

    Noob test

    This thread is about your percentage of a noob test. go to and when your done post your percentage in the chat
  5. JakeyPaul


    Hello everyone I need a little help. I have 160 $)$ but i want to know a computer that is god for playing Minecraft on which is lower than 300$$. I'm on my school/work computer its my own chromebook you have to buy it. The chromebook is a samsung. I choosed not to jailbreak (if thats what its...