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  1. dmkuhar

    Airfield: group build project in Survival

    Hey, all! As the title says, I had an idea for a building project that I thought might be interesting to open up as a joint effort to any fellow Crafters who are interested in participating. Anyone who's been to the area that I've setup along with Ankarin in the Survival map recently has...
  2. dmkuhar

    APP: [dmkuhar] Builder Application

    This is my submission for Builder. It's in Build; the coordinates are: x:-2348, y:78, z:-2882 A quick note with regards to a few features: -The fountain in the main entry hall is not my build - it was generously donated by Calok -The skull, while I built it and gathered the materials, was...
  3. dmkuhar

    Tech help?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if it needs to be relocated, please feel free to do so. My question is this: does anyone here have experience setting up a small, 2-person server? I was hoping to be able to set one up just for my son and myself, so that we could play...