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  1. legionaire

    clan request for Ghosts to be verifed.

    My clan has meet the outdated clan request to become legit. So I respectfully ask that my clan becomes active. Its time for the dead to return and ghosts to haunt and the war to begin.
  2. legionaire

    server addvertising.

    private message
  3. legionaire

    Dragon has been slayed in Cut Throat!

    With Legion's mighty bow, and the swift swipe of Patriot's sword, the dragon falls to its doom.
  4. legionaire

    Maintaining Map's

    I realized this morning I need to go into the resource world. Wow. I had a very hard time managing the spawn in this world. This type of mess certainly doesn't require a reset of the resource world. However it should require a Moderator to maintain the area around spawn. Maybe just a touch...
  5. legionaire

    Profanity outburst by brownlegend.

  6. legionaire

    taylordencoola55 Profanity outburst.

  7. legionaire

    lost all home sets

    I logged on this morning to find out I had zero home sets. I can't seem to find any threads on this. However I did discover it happened to a few people that were on the server. Questions are: Is it possible to get the home's back?, If not is it possible to back thru hawk eye and get a list...
  8. legionaire

    weled profantiy outburst

    screen shot.
  9. legionaire

    End Portal Problems

    I went on an adventure to go find all the end portals on the survival map. I knew of two but not the third so I started my adventure. I found the third portal and jumped in (big mistake I guess) I spawned in a void and died. I started asking around and found that this has been a problem for...
  10. legionaire

    Farmall02 Stealing xp from the end.

    Roughly five minutes ago I had killed the dragon on survival in the end. As we are all aware it plays a unique chime when the dragon was killed. Right as that chime was play Farmall used one of set homes to tp to the end and went running thru the xp taking as much as he could. roughly fourty...
  11. legionaire

    Confused and Wanting Answers

    So we can all safely say this "Hacker" is accessing our accounts thru the forums. I did a password reset on my account a week ago and since then, someone else has been logging on to the forums as me. For example I am playing Minecraft and just to prove a point that this hacker is having fun...
  12. legionaire

    Tournament of Champions

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The time has come to crown a new Champion. On Saturday, May 5, at 2:00 PST. The Tournament of Champions will begin. You must post to this thread to enter the tournament. This will be a Bow and Stone Sword tournament. The prize will be a VIP upgrade. There will...
  13. legionaire

    Bow/Stone sword PVP Tournament

    Attention: Players of Minecraftcc, On Saturday February 25, 2012, 2:00 pm. PST . There will be a PVP tournament located in the arena, on Games World. This tournament will be a single elimination, with NO prize for second place. The rules of tournament are as follows: 1. Stone swords and...
  14. legionaire

    PVP Tournament!!!

    Attention: Players of Minecraftcc, On Saturday February 11, 2012, 6:00 pm. PST . There will be a PVP tournament located in the arena, on Games World. This tournament will be a single elimination, with NO prize for second place. The rules of tournament are as follows: 1. Stone swords only 2...
  15. legionaire


    Ruatha is a Medievil city. I have just broken ground on the city of Ruatha. This city will consist of Castle age style buildings. There will be areas where free building will be allowed. The areas will very in size and shape (not all lots are the same.) Current Projects: Legionaire2...
  16. legionaire

    Legionaire2 builder app.

    I have been building on this server since then end of last year. I have alot of creative idea's and some of them are built in Labyrinth.
  17. legionaire

    Legionaire's introduction

    Hello, Minecraftcc My name on Legionaire/Legionaire2 on the server. I have been playing minecraft just over 6 months now, and by far its one of the best games to date. I have been a member of the server for a little over two months. In that time I have tried to build friendships with everyone...
  18. legionaire

    Labyrinth City

    For everyone who lives in Labyrinth. Also anyone wanting to build there. Labyrinth has been receiving alot of pass thru travelers. They have been leaving there mark all over Labyrinth. I ask that you just repair what is broken if you come across any damage. If it is mineral just leave me a...