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  1. crankypapa

    [GRINDER] Warp Application

    X: -37 Y: 227 Z: 413 Located in Survival7. I already have "GRINDER" as a private warp. So the name is definitely available. I would like it to be made public please. This is not quite the original grinder I made a few world changes back, but it is definitely pretty good. It's a great place...
  2. crankypapa

    New grinder coming soon on survival.

    After the proof of concept of my pigmen grinder, I have started building a mom grinder that produces an insane amount of zombies, creepers, and skeletons. With just 4 out of 18 levels built in the mob generator I have achieved an ok flow of mobs. After I am finished fully building the killing...
  3. crankypapa

    Pigmen Grinder coming soon!

    I just finished the proof of concept to generate a pigmen farm. I will be working on it over the next few weeks to turn it into a true grinder. Once this is done, a similar concept will be used to create a mob grinder in the very near future. The "Gold Grinder" will be back bigger and better...
  4. crankypapa

    I am really saddened with dead how CC has become.

    This is the very first server I have signed into. I have been a member of this server since that day. I have taken the time to build some cool builds and helped other players. I found playing on this server to be really fun. The community is what made it so attractive to me. I remember the...
  5. crankypapa

    APP:[enchant] Warp Application

    I have built a nice enchanting area I would like to make public. At present time it has 3 enchanting tables, 40+ anvils, and some crafting tables. I will be adding safe trading rooms, public brewing stands, and public furnaces. Much like how I did it at the original grinder. I will also be...
  6. crankypapa

    APP: SPGRINDER Warp Application

    Hello. I setup a nice and fast cave spider grinder in Survival. This grinder features 3 cave spider spawners within close proximity of each other. It is very fast XP and I have it setup where you have to stand on pressure plates to activate the spawners. I am sure you will like how I laid it...
  7. crankypapa

    APP: Public Warp Application for CrankyTowers

    I would like to apply for a public warp for CrankyTowers. I included additional screen shots of my Pet next to the tower and what town would be complete without a McDonalds? Please come and take a look if you have not done so already. Coordinates: Survival4 X: 1200 Y: 68 Z: -495 Thanks.
  8. crankypapa

    DEC: CrankyCastle Public Warp Application

    I would like to have CrankyCastle considered for a public warp. I invite you out and run around the castle to see it for yourself. Go to the build spawn, and go out the left opening. You can't miss it. Also while you are standing at spawn and you turn off clouds, you can easily see one of...
  9. crankypapa

    APP: [grinder] Warp Application

    I would like to apply for a public warp. This is a grinder I built when the server was first updated to 1.7.1 I have been using the warp "grinder2" since it would not let me take the name "grinder". I would prefer to have the public warp be "grinder". If that is not possible, then "grinder2"...
  10. crankypapa


    Might I suggest that we bring back the /tpahere command for sponsors. Make it a perk for donating to be a sponsor. It is not like sponsors can't circumvent it with conventional warps. :) Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. crankypapa

    Bitcoin not paid out

    Normally the bitcoins are paid out on Tuesday Night. Was there a problem or are the Bitcoins suspended for now? Thanks.
  12. crankypapa

    DEC:Builder Application - For LiddieMac

    LiddieMac wanted me to post some screenshots for her since she can't figure out how to make and post screenshots. The screen shots is of her public warp liddieville at: x: 31888 y: 89 z: -15409 Her treehouse at: x: 31643 y: 63 z: -15625
  13. crankypapa

    APP:Crankypapa Build Application

    I was told I should post here to apply for creative build. So... Here is my application. :) Here are some screen shots. You can see it for yourself by warping to Treehouse. Thanks.
  14. crankypapa

    My Bitcoin Wallet ID

    I am very new to bitcoins and not sure if this is the proper place to post this.. For player crankypapa the wallet ID is: 18Le7Sxm1LDr6HoA2aKm6mrfH4w5t8anK9 Thanks.
  15. crankypapa

    Save Lag - Possible problem to look at

    It kind of dawned on me what the possible problem could be. Damaged or corrupted hard drive on the server. Coincidence that it happened right after updating to 1.6.4? Could be. This reminds me of a problem I had with one of my web servers a while back. I was running a simple mirror raid...
  16. crankypapa

    Weird Glitches

    I don't know what is going on, but for some reason today all my chests, ovens, and crafting tables are now made of stone. During the minute or two the world lags from the server saving, if I am mining I find several blocks like diamonds, coal, gold, etc. After the lag is over the blocks become...
  17. crankypapa

    How long does it take to get VIP?

    Anyone know how long it takes to get VIP access once you make the $15.00 donation? I paid Sunday and have not heard anything back yet. Thanks.
  18. crankypapa

    Make way for the noob!

    Hello everyone. I am definitely new here. Only been playing for a couple weeks. This is the first server I found and after looking around here, I have decided to make it my permanent home. I am the father of 3 boys (14, 10 and 4). I definitely have to admit it, dang those 3 boys run me...
  19. crankypapa

    Staking claim

    What are the rules for claiming an area for your own? I was wondering if it would be breaking the rules to build an island with a large house on it. Also, are there any rules pertaining to building an island in the air vs on the water?
  20. crankypapa

    Please unban my son's account

    Hello to the powers that be. I have a 10 year old son that is pretty upset for what his older brother did. Apparently some time yesterday or the day before my 14 year old son logged into my 10 year old son's account and raided a beacon in some town. After dealing with my 10 year old son crying...